Peace of the Sage Bath

Peace of the Sage Bath


Organic Bath Blends for the Soul

This blend gives the sensation of being held in the peaceful embrace of deep knowing. Nourishing to body and soul, soothing the nervous system like bathing in the light and warmth of the sun, she offers you the easeful rest that only the satiation of wisdom can bring.


Blended with Organic Herbs of White Sage, Orange Peel, & Lemon Balm

Magickal Properties

⍟ White Sage - Salvia apiana - Sanctity, Cleansing, Clearing, Purifying, Protection, Ward off Negative Energy, Banish Spirits, Health, Prosperity, Blessings
⍟ Orange Peel - Citrus sinensis - Happiness, Refreshment, Nourishment, Embodiment of the Sun, Joy, Divination, Prosperity, Strengthen Relationship Bonds, New Life to Spiritual Yearnings
⍟ Lemon Balm - Melissa officinalis - Love, Success, Healing


To use, add three tablespoons or as desired into a hot bath. Serving suggestion is to add Epsom salts.
Shake jar well before use.
Use of a bath sachet is recommended.

***Do not use while breastfeeding

6 oz Glass Jar

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