Astragalus Tincture

Astragalus Tincture


Plant Ally

This sweet, powerful ally helps us maintain healthy digestive and immune systems, while strengthening our body’s resistance to disease and illness over time. She is revered for her ability to reduce both the duration and severity of viral infections and perhaps most importantly, to prevent them. She aids us in strengthening depleted respiratory and immune functions, as well as supporting our body in becoming more resilient in adapting to emotional and environmental stress. In the subtle and energetic realms, she is an incredible ally in helping us strengthen our energetic boundaries and encouraging us to stand firmly in our integrity from a place of deep presence, truth and inner strength. 


Organic Astragalus Root & Vodka along with Moonlight, Love and Time

Magickal Properties

⍟ Astragalus - Astragalus membranaceus - Creativity, Unlimited Possibilities, Concentration, Healing, Protection, Purification, Offering to Spirits, Integrity, Energetic Boundaries


To use, take 5-30 drops under the tongue or in water up to three times per day.
Store out of direct sunlight.

1 oz Amber Glass Bottle

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