Full Moon Tea

Full Moon Tea


A supportive tea blend for the 2nd-4th Trimester of Pregnancy

A part of our Triple Goddess collection celebrating and supporting women in all cycles and stages of their journey through the phases of Maiden, Mother & Crone, our Full Moon blend is here to offer you support during your second and third trimester of pregnancy, as well as the time after birthing known as the fourth trimester.


Blended with Organic Herbs of Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Rose Hips, Chamomile, Dandelion Leaf, Alfalfa, Oat Straw & Spearmint

Magickal Properties

⍟ Raspberry Leaf- Rubus idaeus - Love, Healing, Protection, Good Luck in Love & Marriage, Creativity, Divination
⍟ Nettle - Urtica dioica - Protection, Aids in driving out negativity & unwanted spirits, Supports creating boundaries, Healing, Courage, Nourishment, Threshold Guardian, Magic of Mothering
⍟ Rose Hips - Rosa canina - Good Luck, Good Fortune, Love, Peace
⍟ Chamomile - Matricaria recutita - Health, New Beginnings, Peacefulness, Dispels Nightmares, Healing, Happiness, Good Luck
⍟ Dandelion Leaf - Taraxacum officinale - Psychic Ability, Calling in Spirits, Walking Between Realms, Wishes Coming True, Divination, Strength, Courage
⍟ Alfalfa - Medicago sativa - Prosperity, Money Drawing, Protection from Financial Misfortune & Poverty
⍟ Oat Straw - Avena sativa - Rejuvination, Peace, Mental Clarity & Concentration, Prosperity, Money Magick
⍟ Spearmint - Mentha spicata - Blessing, Passion, Prosperity, Revitalization, Success


To use, add one teaspoon per 8 oz of boiled water and steep for ten minutes. Begin drinking in the second trimester of pregnancy and continue after birthing for the fourth trimester.
Serving suggestion is to add honey.
Shake jar well before use.

6 oz Glass Jar

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