A joyful tea blend to inspire and light the soul

This beautiful blend is here to elevate and brighten from the inside out. She brings ease of heart and clarity of mind with each cup. A wonderful ally to turn to during times of sluggishness, brain fog, emotional heart ache or a simple moment of self care.


Blended with Organic Herbs of Rose Petals, Spearmint & Rose Hip

Magickal Properties

⍟ Rose Petals - Rosa centifolia - Romantic Love, Self-Love, Friendship, Abundance, Beauty, Clearing and Blessings, Purification, Emotional Healing
⍟ Spearmint - Mentha spicata - Blessing, Passion, Prosperity, Revitalization, Success
⍟ Rose Hip - Rosa canina - Good Luck, Good Fortune, Love, Peace


To use, add one teaspoon per 8 oz of boiled water and steep for ten minutes. Serving Suggestion is to add honey to taste.
Shake jar well before use.

6 oz Glass Jar

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