Motherwort Tincture

Motherwort Tincture


Plant Ally

Motherwort, The Heart of a Lion, is known for her big heart and her ability to impact the heart of those she comes into relationship with. She is one of our favorite green companions for cardiovascular, nervous system and reproductive health and well being. She is a useful nervine and supports us in relieving anxiety, nervous tension, emotional instability, headaches, and sleeplessness all the while promoting a healthy stress response. She is a calming tonic for the heart and the nerves and brings ease to constriction as she invites energy to flow freely throughout the body. Motherwort is known as a women’s herb as she is an incredible ally during menstruation, motherhood and menopause supporting us through the shifts, changes and journies of each cycle. With her extraordinary ability to move stuck energy, she is particularly helpful in easing menstrual cramps, delayed menstruation, retention of afterbirth, hot flashes, fevers and digestion. Lady Lionheart has many gifts to offer us and is one of our most beloved companions here at Elder Sisters Apothecary.


Organic Motherwort & Vodka along with Moonlight, Love and Time

Magickal Properties

⍟ Motherwort - Leonurus cardiaca - Buliding Confidence, Protection, Blessings to the Home, Banishing Evil Spirits, Divination, Purpose, Joy, Success


To use, take 5-30 drops under the tongue or in water up to three times per day.
Store out of direct sunlight.

1 oz Amber Glass Bottle

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